July 18, 2019

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A paraplegic suffers from loss of feeling and paralysis of the lower half of the body as a result of injury to the vertebrae below the cervical spine in the lumbar and sacral regions. Paraplegics cannot move their legs and often lose functionality of the bowels and bladder as well. Accident victims with incomplete paraplegia may retain some function in various areas of the lower body, whereas complete paraplegia involves total loss of movement. Equally devastating is a paraplegic’s loss of sexual function.

Physical & Financial Costs of Paraplegia

It’s not uncommon for a family affected by such a serious disability to experience financial hardship or even bankruptcy. With such demanding costs, spine injury treatment can put your lifestyle, including your home and livelihoods, in danger. The victim’s inability to return to work can also be a challenging factor.

By hiring a spinal cord injury lawyer listed on this website, your family can fight for fair compensation intended to cover medical expenses, lost income, and even emotional pain and suffering. A skilled attorney who has experience handling spine injury cases will work to get all the resources your loved one may need in the future, as well, such as mobility equipment to promote independence and even home modifications to encourage convenient access.

Seeking Compensation for Paraplegia

Getting your injured loved one access to exceptional medical care and equipment needed to improve quality of life will be a top priority for your personal injury lawyer. Success will hinge on your lawyer’s ability to compile the facts and demonstrate fault. Working together with other members of your legal team, your attorney will seek significant compensation based on the fact that the defendant is determined to be negligent and is held responsible for the accident and the paraplegia that resulted.

Your spine injury lawyer should have a deep understanding of the medical resources available to treat paraplegia and their costs, as well as the adaptive living strategies and new technology available to spine injury patients.

If you or a member of your family has left paraplegic due to another’s negligence, please click here to find a personal injury law firm in your area.