July 18, 2019

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Quadriplegia is a form of back injury to the cervical spinal vertebrae, characterized by paralysis of the arms and legs and caused by damage to the spinal cord. Some patients with quadriplegia will have no movement below the neck. Quadriplegia may be classified as complete, which means a total injury with no function below the injury site, or incomplete, which means the patient has partial paralysis with some functionality.

Treating Quadriplegia

Dealing with a loss of feeling and mobility requires a lot of hope. The statistics aren’t very encouraging for quadriplegic spine injury treatment, but there are cases where victims have regained use of their limbs.

A lot of the focus of quadriplegic care addresses improving quality of life, sustaining fundamental functions of the organs and body systems, and reducing dependence through adaptive living strategies. Many spine injury treatments are focused on preventing catastrophic complications like breathing difficulties, irregular heartbeat, blood clots, bladder and bowel problems, and organ failure.

A quadriplegic with paralysis up to the neck may require breathing assistance with the help of a ventilator. If the injury is an incomplete one and the victim is able to move their hands, digital devices can help with speaking dysfunction and wheelchair mobilization.

Compensation for Quadriplegia

No amount of money can make up for the harm that was caused to a spinal cord injury victim with quadriplegia. Life is different from the moment the accident occurs, and many quadriplegics are bound by permanent dependency. While money cannot restore things to the way they were before the accident, it can provide ample resources to improve the quality of life for your loved one and give them the best chance of recovery through advanced spine injury resources.

A spine injury lawyer can work to get quadriplegic accident victims money damages to cover trauma and emergency care, ongoing evaluation and monitoring, specialized surgeries and treatment, and even experimental treatments. The victim may also be entitled to compensation for loss of ability to care for oneself, loss of ability to earn a living, and loss of reproductive and sexual function. Hiring an attorney from this website can help you get a full settlement so you can pay for ongoing rehabilitation, adaptive medical equipment, and all other expenses related to the care of your loved one.

If you or a member of your family suffered debilitating injuries after an accident, please click here to find a spine injury law firm in your area.